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Truck Rental Insurance - Importance of truck rental Insurance

Truck rental insurance is absolutely critical when you are seeking to move your goods anywhere. This is because it serves as a safeguard for your belongings in case they are damaged or stolen. Insurance quotes are readily available and can be accessed via the internet. Each of the truck rental companies that are available in your area will supply you with a unique insurance quote that will depend largely on the risk factor that the company attaches to you or they deem you to have. Drivers that are considered to be high risk will usually be charged a higher premium than those that are not. The insurance quotation also depends on the extent of coverage that you decide to choose.

There are many types of coverage on offer and the coverage that an individual will settle for depends largely on the type of truck that they want to rent as well as the cargo that they want to transport. It is always a good idea to have an idea of what type of coverage you will require before going online to seek a quote. In this way you do not underestimate or overestimate the type of coverage you require. It is also less frustrating if you already know what you want so that you do not end up getting something that you do not need. The most common types of coverage include;

Physical damage insurance
This type of insurance is sometimes referred to as collision coverage. It is usually insurance that is taken to pay or fix trucks that are damaged during transportation or truck parts. Options that are available within this type of coverage include emergency expense reimbursement, extended towing, downtime, contents coverage, providing a loan gap and deductable pay back.

Non-trucking liability insurance
This type of insurance is sometimes also referred to as bobtail liability insurance. This is insurance that offers limited liability protection that is applicable when the truck is being used for personal or other errands that are not work related.

Occupational accident insurance
This type of insurance covers the workers of the rental company. It provides the owner with a source of indemnification should there occur a injury that is work related.

Worker’s compensation insurance
This coverage is also beneficial for the workers of the rental company. Actually this insurance is a requirement by the law that all moving companies that employ drivers should have. Therefore, all drivers of truck rental companies should be covered by this insurance

Passenger accident insurance
This type of insurance covers passengers that are present in the truck rental during transit. This type of insurance is pretty self explanatory and does not need a lot of explaining. The passengers that are covered in this insurance are not specified, they could be friends or family that just happen to be in the truck during the time of the accident.

The importance of insurance when renting trucks cannot be stressed enough, aside from insuring your belongings; you also protect yourself against accidents during a move.