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Tips To Aid in Emergency Moving

Emergency moving is moving that had not been planned for. It may happen that due to unavoidable circumstances you are forced from where you currently reside to a new place. This may pose a great challenge because planned moving is hectic on its own but unplanned moving can be a cause of far worse problems.

One may be forced to make an emergency move incase of a flood, fire or any other natural disaster. In this case, knowing the best ways to move your belongings safely and quickly can go a long way in alleviating some of the suffering. Even though the experience of emergency moving will never be pleasant, these tips will help in easing the process for those that are affected.
Make an emergency plan

Our first instincts during a disaster would be to attack our furniture and try and salvage what we can. This however could be counter-productive because instead of actually saving your things you are just frantically moving around and are probably doing very little in the process. A better idea would be to formulate a quick plan of action. A good starting point would be to collect smaller items and put them inside a box or on larger furniture. Always prioritize the more important items and leave behind what you can afford to loose.

What this does is that it minimizes the number of trips that you would have to make in the alternative. Call a friend or neighbors who can come and help you to collect these things

Hunt and collect
While stacking your items into boxes or any other storage items, it is entirely possible that some things will be damaged in the process. Therefore, it is a good idea to collect any couch cushions, pillows, sheets and blankets that are available and place them inside the boxes where you will stack your things. This will reduce the chances of especially breakable things being damaged through scratches, cracks or dents.

Move or raise it
If the emergency involves some form of flooding, then the most important step that you can take is to either raise or move the furniture. If the furniture cannot be quickly moved out, then it would be better to raise it. You can use blocks of wood or anything that is close by and can be sacrificed to raise the furniture. The furniture should always be raised above the waterline to prevent them from being damaged.

Damage control
Most types of wood that are of good quality will probably endure short stints of smoke and moisture. However, if the situation persists over time, it is likely that their pores will soak liquids and gases causing them swell and smell; at this point, they are too far gone to be repaired. If they are exposed to smoke or moisture during an emergency move then the only remedy would be to have them cleaned and dried as soon as possible if you hope to make use of them again.

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