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5 Things to Notice When Getting Moving Quotes from Self Movers

5 things to notice when getting moving quotes from self movers. One of the most important things to notice when searching for moving quotes from self movers is the payment method that the moving company accepts from its clients. Be sure to ask the moving agents for this type of information.

While some moving companies accept only cash, check and money orders, there are companies that deal in credit cards only. Asking your mover for the exact payment method that it accepts when trying to get moving quotes from self movers will enable you to be adequately prepared financially several days prior to your upcoming move.

The other thing to notice when searching for moving quotes from moving companies is whether the quotes that are offered by the company are binding. Unlike a non binding quote, a binding quote is usually guaranteed and does not change after the moving process.

This type of moving quote is usually offered after the moving company has visited your home and determined the types of items that you intend to be moving during your upcoming move. You can find non binding quotes on online sites and from company agents.

The only thing that you will be required to do when searching for these types of quotes is to pay the required fees to the company agents making them the easiest quotes to obtain.
Find out whether the moving company that you intend to hire from deals with you directly or through its agents. Most companies that offer moving services employ agents that offer their clients local and international moving quotes. Unfortunately, what most people forget is that these quotes are usually non binding.

As such, the moving company is not usually under an obligation to honor them once they have been given to the client. Therefore, ensure that you hire from the moving company directly and not from its agents to avoid complications that may arise when you need to lay a claim from it.

When getting moving quotes from moving companies, try to establish whether they charge for the estimates that they offer to their clients. A good mover should not charge for their binding or non binding estimates. This is because the prices of the estimates and quotes can always be altered by the moving consultants after the moving process due to factors such as flight and packing charges that may be incurred.

Find out the method that the moving company uses to provide quotes to its clients. A good moving company is the kind that offers its quotes in writing and not over the phone. It also provides its customers with copies of the quotes several days prior to the actual day of moving.

Getting quotes in writing can help to avoid issues that may arise later on pertaining to the genuineness of the quotes that you will have received from the moving company. It will also help you to accurately figure out the terms of the contract that you will have entered into with the moving company.